Saturday, January 31, 2009

Signs of a successful meal

Trader Joe's has become an obsession of late. I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the foods I've purchased there. Even more surprising is my husband's eagerness to accompany me to grocery shop. For one, Trader Joe's isn't that close to our home. But most of's grocery shopping. He's never been much interested in that. So I've found a new favorite place to shop. I love having company while I shop so I can share my excitement as I discover another new item I haven't tried.

I'm not good at taking pretty pictures. I'm also not experienced enough yet to figure out how to manipulate dough. So I decided to take a picture of the last two pieces left over after we massacred the rest of the pizza. At least those two pieces look like they came from something that resembles pizza.

I'm currently looking for a bread making class since it's one thing I've never been able to figure out. But even after the dough is made, I struggle with forming it into a realistic looking pizza shape with uniform thickness. And then there's the process of transferring it onto a pizza stone. What a mess! The dog was covered in flour as he stood below me while I was rolling out the dough. There's burnt flour all through the oven. And my pizza looked like something a child may pull out of an EZ Bake Oven. But it tasted phenomenal!!! But it certainly wasn't for my dough making expertise, though. It was Trader Joe's pre-made pizza dough. I bought the whole wheat variety, and even though my husband shuns all whole wheat products, even he liked the taste. Accompanied by a Stoudt's Fat Dog Stout, dinner was perfect for a snowy, cold Friday night. I'll be heading back to TJ's soon for more dough and my favorite Sweet Potato Bisque that they were sadly sold out of last week.

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