Sunday, November 16, 2008

I hate cleaning

I hate to clean. I have no sense of organization, so I haphazardly move around the house starting one project, think of something else that needs done and don't complete what I had started. It all eventually gets done, but never in an organized fashion. Anything that makes the cleaning process easier or more pleasant is a big bonus. I've seen Mrs. Meyers around but never really thought that "green" cleaners would be better. But seeing a Peppermint scent "with a hint of vanilla" really appealed to me. It's a holiday limited edition, so I plan to grab up some more, but this stuff is awesome. I have been using the all purpose cleaner around the whole house on hardwood floors, ceramic tile, throughout the whole bathroom. It's non toxic, and with a dog, two cats, and three birds, that is very important. But it also does clean well. So I just had to share the love. I just wish Mrs. Meyers would offer the scent in full sizes rather than just the small sized four pack.

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